Pitched Roof Restoration Singapore

Does your home boast a classic pitched tile roof? While known for their elegance and durability, these beauties aren’t invincible. Time and weather can take their toll, leaving you with faded, cracked, and potentially leaking tiles.

But before you resign yourself to a costly roof replacement, consider restoration! It’s a cost-effective and sustainable way to extend the lifespan of your pitched tile roof and restore its former glory.


Why Restore Pitched Roof?

Tiles would normally last for 30 years and beyond. As the roof ages, the protective coating wears off due to wear and tear.  When this happens, the quality of the roof tile deteriorates and the roof tile becomes brittle if left untreated. The roof tile will then be prone to cracks resulting in roof leakages. Thus it would be prudent to carry out Restoration Works to the old roof before this happens to avoid costly re-roofing costs.

Investing in restoration offers a multitude of benefits:

  • Save Money: Restoration costs significantly less than complete roof replacement.
  • Increased Longevity: A well-restored roof can last another 20-30 years, adding immense value to your property.
  • Enhanced Curb Appeal: A vibrant, revitalized roof dramatically improves your home’s aesthetics.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency: Properly sealed and coated tiles enhance thermal insulation, potentially reducing energy bills.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Restoration minimizes waste and conserves resources compared to full replacement.


Pitched Roof Restoration Process

  • Pressure jetting of roof to remove dirt/contaminants.
  • Conduct of a thorough roof inspection.
  • Replacement of all cracked roof tiles.
  • Re-caulk new Sealant to all joints/flashings/roof ridges & waterproof with acrylic waterproofing Membrane reinforced with fiberglass netting.
  • Replace all corroded flashings/gutter/valley gutters etc.
  • Apply Acrylic primer to the entire roof surface.
  • Apply 2 coats of  Acrylic Waterproofing  Coating to entire roof surface.
  • Re-caulk new Sealant to all joints/flashings/seams & waterproof with acrylic waterproofing.
  • Membrane reinforced with fiberglass netting.
In conclusion, don’t let age and wear-and-tear diminish the charm of your pitched tile roof. Consider restoration – a budget-friendly solution to breathe new life into your roof and enhance your home’s overall appeal.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Pitched Roof Restoration

Look for signs like cracked tiles, missing mortar, leaks, water stains, moss growth, or sagging. If present, consult a professional for an assessment.

Improves aesthetics, increases lifespan, prevents leaks and damage, enhances energy efficiency, and boosts property value.

Depends on roof size, condition, materials used, and complexity. Expect ballpark figures between S$5,000 and S$30,000. Get quotes from different providers.

Clay, concrete, terracotta, and slate are popular choices. Each has its own qualities and price range.

Yes, you may need approval from the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and HDB, depending on your property type and extent of work.

Cleaning, repairing or replacing individual tiles, repointing mortar joints, waterproofing treatments, and ridge capping replacement.

Choose materials matching the existing ones or opt for durable options like clay or slate. Consider compatibility with climate and aesthetics.

Depends on the size and complexity of the job. Generally, small repairs might take a few days, while a complete restoration could take weeks.

At least twice a year, after heavy storms, and before monsoon season. Look for signs of damage, leaks, or loose tiles.

Regularly clear leaves and debris, remove moss growth, and check for cracks or broken tiles. Consider professional cleaning and maintenance every few years.

It’s recommended to hire professionals for safety and expertise. DIY attempts can cause further damage and void warranties.

Annual inspections are recommended, especially before winter and after severe weather events.

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    Marc and his team of roofing specialists performed a thorough and excellent job. Very impressed with how proficient and diligent … More the workers are in carrying out the repair. Marc was prompt with his responses and any queries or issues that arose was quickly addressed. Job well done!
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    We engaged The Roofing Specialist to help with waterproofing the joints between our fixed shelter roof and wall. Marc came … More down the next day and gave a good proposal. He also highlighted other issues I wasn’t aware of. The team was professional, friendly and thorough. They also helped make good my water damaged interior walls. I would definitely recommend them for anyone seeking help with waterproofing solutions.
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    I have engaged "The Roofing Specialists" to repair my house roof top due to the water leakage and to install the … More backyard awning. Marc was responsive and responsible to get the work done. The team of workers did a good job.
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    I reached out to a few roofing contractors to repair and paint my roof. Marc came for site visit almost the next day, super … More quick response. I could immediately tell he knew his stuff and I didn’t need to look further. Throughout the 2 month process, Marc was always quick to answer any questions, provide advice, and go the extra mile. Passing me samples, checking in the roof condition after solar installation, touching up works - all these little things made the experience fantastic. I also have to commend the installation workers and supervisor for meticulous work on sealing of tiles, installing flashing, painting etc. A truly well run company….. an update - Marc kindly offered to have his workers inspect and touch up the roof after solar installation because of all the walking on roof that occurred. Another example of exceptional service! See new pics
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    Glad to find a competent and reliable contractor, The Roofing Specialist. The team was polite and professional, turned up … More for appointment & work on time. The supervisor Mr Mohammad is experienced and provides the appropriate solution to my leaking roof. Happy to find the solution to my leaky roof.
    Thank you Richard and team.
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    I was recommended by my colleague to Marc for my leaking room at home. He came down to survey within one day and was very … More responsive throughout the process. Actual works took one week and was supervised by his team supervisor. Workers were all very polite and professional during the week. I will recommend Marc and his team to anyone who requires roofing works .
  • Avatar Daniel Ng ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    Very pleased with the roof repair works carried out by The Roofing Specialist. Throughout the duration of the works, Marc … More provided regular updates on the progress with photos. The works were completed satisfactorily within the expected timeframe not just because of the favourable weather conditions, but also largely due to the competence of the team of skilled, meticulous and polite workers.
    I would highly recommend this company and have no qualms in engaging them again in future, should the need arise.

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