Looking for roof waterproofing solutions in Singapore? The Roofing Specialists provide professional services solving all your waterproof issues and problems while advising on various ways to prevent it from happening again.

Waterproofing of R.C Flat Roof

Due to our tropical climate, concrete flat roof left unwaterproofed will result in cracks and cause seepage problems in the long run. It is therefore important to protect it with a good quality waterproofing system from reputable suppliers with good and track records. In this respect, our company works with market leaders in this area to bring the best to you at the most competitive cost, with a long last warranty. Generally, the 2 types of waterproofing system carried out are:

  • Liquid applied acrylic waterproofing membrane. (5 layer system)
  • Torch-on Membrane Sytem.

Our skilled technicians will recommend the most suitable type of waterproofing upon close inspection.

Why is Roof Waterproofing Essential in Singapore?

Singapore’s unique climate presents several challenges for roofs:

  • Intense Rainfall: Sudden and heavy downpours can overwhelm gutters and expose roofing materials to excessive water, accelerating wear and tear.
  • High Humidity: Constant moisture in the air promotes the growth of mold and mildew, which can eat away at roof materials and compromise their waterproofing integrity.
  • Heat Expansion and Contraction: The constant cycle of scorching sun and cooling nights causes roofing materials to expand and contract, creating cracks and vulnerabilities.

Without proper waterproofing, these factors can lead to:

  • Water Leakage: The most obvious consequence, leaks can damage ceilings, walls, and furniture, leading to costly repairs and potential health hazards.
  • Structural Damage: Over time, water infiltration can weaken roof structures, compromising the integrity of your entire home.
  • Mold Growth: Damp environments are breeding grounds for mold, which can trigger allergies, respiratory problems, and even long-term health issues.

Roof Waterproofing Solutions for Every Need

Fortunately, there’s a range of waterproofing solutions available to suit different roof types and budgets:

  • Membrane Waterproofing: Liquid or sheet membranes applied directly to the roof surface provide a seamless barrier against water infiltration. This is a popular choice for flat roofs and areas with heavy rainfall.
  • Liquid Waterproofing: This spray-on coating forms a flexible, elastic barrier that adapts to roof movements and minor cracks. Ideal for uneven surfaces and roofs with complex shapes.
  • Cementitious Waterproofing: Cement-based coatings offer a durable and cost-effective solution for protecting concrete roofs and terraces.
  • Green Roofs: Living roofs with vegetation not only provide insulation and improve air quality but also naturally absorb rainwater, reducing the burden on waterproofing systems.

Maintaining Your Waterproofed Roof

Regular maintenance is key to ensuring the longevity of your roof waterproofing system. Here are some simple tips:

  • Schedule periodic inspections: Get your roof inspected by a professional at least once a year, especially before and after the rainy season.
  • Clear debris: Regularly remove leaves, twigs, and other debris from your roof to prevent blockages and water pooling.
  • Trim overhanging branches: Branches can scratch and damage roof surfaces, so keep them trimmed at a safe distance.
  • Address minor leaks promptly: Don’t ignore even small leaks. Early repair can prevent them from becoming bigger problems.

By investing in quality roof waterproofing and following these maintenance tips, you can shield your Singapore home from the elements and enjoy peace of mind for years to come. Remember, a well-protected roof is not just an investment in your property, but also an investment in your health and well-being.

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  • Avatar ZQ Ong ★★★★★ in the last week
    We engaged The Roofing Specialist to help with waterproofing the joints between our fixed shelter roof and wall. Marc came … More down the next day and gave a good proposal. He also highlighted other issues I wasn’t aware of. The team was professional, friendly and thorough. They also helped make good my water damaged interior walls. I would definitely recommend them for anyone seeking help with waterproofing solutions.
  • Avatar May0r ★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
    Marc and his team of roofing specialists performed a thorough and excellent job. Very impressed with how proficient and diligent … More the workers are in carrying out the repair. Marc was prompt with his responses and any queries or issues that arose was quickly addressed. Job well done!
  • Avatar Martin Cheng ★★★★★ 3 weeks ago
    Roofing Specialist Pte Ltd has been our family’s choice for all roof related and inter-joining wall related leakage issues. … More All leakage issues are professionally and fully resolved with no recurring leaks. We have been engaging them for different roof/ walls leakage issues and they are all completely addressed with no recurring issues. Further, they have a great team of work men that ensure all work are done professionally. Highly recommended.
  • Avatar Lester Lu ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    I reached out to a few roofing contractors to repair and paint my roof. Marc came for site visit almost the next day, super … More quick response. I could immediately tell he knew his stuff and I didn’t need to look further. Throughout the 2 month process, Marc was always quick to answer any questions, provide advice, and go the extra mile. Passing me samples, checking in the roof condition after solar installation, touching up works - all these little things made the experience fantastic. I also have to commend the installation workers and supervisor for meticulous work on sealing of tiles, installing flashing, painting etc. A truly well run company….. an update - Marc kindly offered to have his workers inspect and touch up the roof after solar installation because of all the walking on roof that occurred. Another example of exceptional service! See new pics
  • Avatar Ivy Chan ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    I have engaged "The Roofing Specialists" to repair my house roof top due to the water leakage and to install the … More backyard awning. Marc was responsive and responsible to get the work done. The team of workers did a good job.
    I am happy and satisfied with the work. I would recommend The Roofing Specialists if anyone is looking to fix rooftop water leakage problem.
  • Avatar Tim Chua ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Glad to find a competent and reliable contractor, The Roofing Specialist. The team was polite and professional, turned up … More for appointment & work on time. The supervisor Mr Mohammad is experienced and provides the appropriate solution to my leaking roof. Happy to find the solution to my leaky roof.
    Thank you Richard and team.
  • Avatar Kelvin Ong ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    I was recommended by my colleague to Marc for my leaking room at home. He came down to survey within one day and was very … More responsive throughout the process. Actual works took one week and was supervised by his team supervisor. Workers were all very polite and professional during the week. I will recommend Marc and his team to anyone who requires roofing works .
  • Avatar Daniel Ng ★★★★★ a month ago
    Very pleased with the roof repair works carried out by The Roofing Specialist. Throughout the duration of the works, Marc … More provided regular updates on the progress with photos. The works were completed satisfactorily within the expected timeframe not just because of the favourable weather conditions, but also largely due to the competence of the team of skilled, meticulous and polite workers.
    I would highly recommend this company and have no qualms in engaging them again in future, should the need arise.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Roof Waterproofing in Singapore

Singapore’s tropical climate with heavy rainfall makes roof waterproofing crucial for preventing leaks, damage, and maintaining the structural integrity of your building.

  • Visible leaks or water stains on ceilings and walls
  • Cracks, blisters, or tears in the roofing membrane
  • Sagging or pooling water on the roof surface
  • Mold or mildew growth on the roof or in the attic
  • Increased energy bills due to poor insulation
  • Bitumen: Traditional and cost-effective, but requires regular maintenance.
  • Polyurethane (PU): Durable, lightweight, and resistant to UV rays and chemicals.
  • Liquid Applied Membranes (LAMs): Seamless and flexible, ideal for complex roof shapes.
  • PVC: Durable and fire-resistant, but can be expensive.

Costs vary depending on the size and complexity of the roof, the type of membrane used, and the extent of repairs needed. Expect to pay S$5 to S$20 per square meter for basic waterproofing.

The lifespan of a waterproofing membrane depends on the material and installation quality. Bitumen typically lasts 5-10 years, PU 10-15 years, LAMs 15-20 years, and PVC 20-25 years.

t’s not recommended unless you have experience and the proper equipment. Improper installation can lead to leaks and further damage. Hiring a professional waterproofing contractor ensures quality work and warranty.

  • Expertise and experience: They can identify and address potential problems before they become major leaks.
  • Quality materials and workmanship: They use high-quality materials and follow proper installation techniques.
  • Warranties and guarantees: They offer warranties on their work, giving you peace of mind.
  • Safety: Working on roofs can be dangerous. Professionals have the necessary safety equipment and training.
  • Licensing and insurance: Ensure they are licensed by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and have liability insurance.
  • Experience and references: Choose a company with experience in similar projects and ask for references.
  • Warranties and guarantees: Get a written warranty on their work and the materials used.
  • Clear communication and estimates: Discuss your needs and get a detailed estimate in writing before they start work.
  • Regular inspections: Check your roof for leaks, cracks, and other damage at least twice a year.
  • Keep drains and gutters clean: Ensure proper drainage to prevent water from pooling on the roof.
  • Trim overhanging branches: Branches can damage the roofing membrane and cause leaks.
  • Professional cleaning: Consider professional cleaning every few years to remove moss, algae, and debris.
  • Using the wrong type of membrane: Choose a membrane suitable for your roof type and climate.
  • Improper installation: Ensure the membrane is properly installed and sealed to prevent leaks.
  • Lack of maintenance: Regular inspections and cleaning are crucial for maintaining the lifespan of your roof waterproofing.