Pitched Tile Roof Restoration

Why Restore Pitched Tiles Roof?

Tiles would normally last for 30 years and beyond. As the roof ages, the protective coating wears off due to wear and tear.  When this happens, the quality of the roof tile deteriorates and the roof tile becomes brittle if left untreated. The roof tile will then be prone to cracks resulting in roof leakages. Thus it would be prudent to carry out Restoration Works to old roof before this happens to avoid costly re-roofing costs.

Pitched Tiles Roof Restoration Process

  • Pressure jetting of roof to remove dirt/contaminants.
  • Conduct of a thorough roof inspection.
  • Replacement of all cracked roof tiles.
  • Re-caulk new Sealant to all joints/flashings/roof ridges & waterproof with acrylic waterproofing Membrane reinforced with fiberglass netting.
  • Replace all corroded flashings/gutter/valley gutters etc.
  • Apply Acrylic primer to the entire roof surface.
  • Apply 2 coats of  Acrylic Waterproofing  Coating to entire roof surface.
  • Re-caulk new Sealant to all joints/flashings/seams & waterproof with acrylic waterproofing.
  • Membrane reinforced with fiberglass netting.

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